An open-source project to capture the spirit and challenges of the Rails internationalization world.

Most of the world doesn't speak English.

That's where internationalization and localization come in. If you're a Rails developer and you'd like to make your app available (and understandable) for people all over the world, you're in luck: Rails has a great i18n API.

But the API built into Rails isn't the end of your internationalization story -- it's the beginning. As you dive into this tricky and challenging merging of code, language, and culture, you'll find numerous surprises and pitfalls. Stack Overflow can help once you're stuck -- but this is what you should read before you even begin.

Collected here are interviews with some of the world's leading Rails i18n developers. Core team members, people who created projects thousands of websites are using. Take a few moments, read their insights. You'll be glad you did.

Erez Zukerman
Project maintainer